A user revolt and the second coming of TextDrive

Good to see Dean step up… some promises are worth keeping.


Earlier this month a small segment of customers of the former hosting provider TextDrive learned a frustrating lesson about the longevity of lifetime services on the web when Joyent, which had purchased TextDrive, said it would discontinue the lifetime hosting those customers had signed up for. On Thursday those users will learn a different lesson — namely that sometimes people and businesses keep their word and that, yes, their lifetime accounts will be honored with the formation of a new TextDrive.

The second coming of TextDrive is courtesy of Dean Allen, a co-founder of the service who left in 2007 roughly two years after it was acquired by Joyent. His other TextDrive co-founder Jason Hoffman is a co-founder and CTO of Joyent. Allen told me that after Joyent purchased TextDrive he knew that the lifetime memberships that users purchased in order to help fund the growth of the business…

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