A dump of tools that are cool or usefull.*

The List!

  • 1Password by AgileBits : because passwords
  • SpiderOak Blog : Zero-Knowledge Privacy backup solution
  • : because DNS (ask me for a referral!)
  • Textwrangler : in the App Store : Damn Fine Text Editor
  • ExpanDrive : multiplatform drive mapping whatzit
  • FastCopy is best copy
  • PogoPlug : the hardware tool, not the software stuff because harddrives
  • DigitalOcean : because VPS should be easy
  • : because you have some hardware lying around
  • Proxmox : because you want to virt with kvm instead
  • BitNami : because you want some apps on that visor!
  • SpeedTests!!! : because Comcast : because double-check Comcast and html5 or another
  • Topping TP-30 USB Digital Amp : because audio
  • Handbrake : because video
  • Minecraft : because FUN!
  • Reddit Cakeday : because reddit
  • Path Analyzer Pro : Yo, Dawg! I heard you like Traceroute…
  • OpenVPN and TunnelBlick

*not necessarily an endorsement. I may or may not even use them.


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